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The Stretch-n-Grow program is designed to promote exercise and wellness for preschool-aged children.  It assists parents and child care providers in developing good health and fitness habits in young children.  The program is taught at child care facilities by a well trained Stretch-N-Grow coach.  Stretch-N-Grow Stars participate in weekly sessions, which include exercise, activities, and discussions on health and related issues such as nutrition, hygiene, and safety.  Stars have lots of fun while they learn to enjoy exercise and build good habits.

  • Our original adventure stories and fun routines make exercising EXERciting!
  • Children learn the basics of good exercise programs including the importance of warm-up, aerobics, resistance, flexibility, and cool-down as well as muscle groups and functions.
  • Wellness issues such as safety, nutrition, proper rest, self-esteem, and hygiene are emphasized weekly.
  • Academic skills (such as counting, colors, and the alphabet) are reinforced through our games and activities
  • We keep parents involved with tips for home, fitness activities and a summary of programs through our monthly "It's EXERciting!" newsletter.

Parents are welcome to contact Shanon Morrison of Stretch-n-Grow with any questions, comments, or concerns at (908) 420-6635 or email Shanon at smorrison@Stretch-n-Grow.com For more information about Stretch-n-Grow, please see there website at www.Stretch-n-Grow.com.

Please note - Stretch-n-Grow is a privately owned franchise by Shanon Morrison and is not part of  Plaza Child Care.


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